Down in the Depths

Down in the Depths is the second episode of the trilogy: Sunshine Island.

The situation has deteriorated from critical to almost impossible. An infectious and deadly fungus has spread on the island of Bornholm. A biological warfare agent that’s out of control. Will you find the results of your sister’s research located in the underground complex in time? If you succeed, then you can prevent a global catastrophe from happening, but a mysterious pharmaceutical company has other plans. Take on a difficult mission in the role of Sigrid and solve the mystery.

50 Clues® is an award-winning immersive puzzle game that offers the experience of an escape room, but in a format that can be played at home. You combine objects, solve puzzles and decipher codes to complete the story. A smartphone or tablet keeps track of the solutions and provides multistep hints if the need arises.

Contents: 55 oversized cards.