What is 50 Clues?

50 Clues is a series of horror puzzle adventure games that you and your friends solve together. A sort of "Escape room in a box" game. The games consist of illustrated cards and a web app.

How to play 50 Clues

Sunshine Island

The Leopold Trilogy

The Maria trilogy

UK Games Expo People's Vote: The Best Party Game 2021
Vinder af Guldbrikken 2020: Juryens specialpris
Årets Lommespill 2021
Årets Voksenspil 2020, nominering

Immersive story

50 Clues is a game where the story and the puzzles are connected.

Play right away

It does not require any preparation to play 50 Clues. Watch a video and get started.

A social experience

50 Clues works with up to five players.

Multistep hint system

You can ask for help wherever you are, so you never get stuck.

Not for kids

The story is brutal and unsuitable for children.

Oversize cards

The cards measure 70 x 120 mm for a better experience.

No app installation

The game only needs a browser. No need to install an app.

Auto save

The game's state is preserved if the browser is closed or you need a break.

50 Clues offers outstanding puzzles and a tense story.

(The Pendulum of the Dead) - Patrick Gerk

8/10 ...it's our favourite escape room in a box that we've tried.

(The Pendulum of the Dead) - The Game Shelf

Our protagonist is determined to do ANYTHING to save the world. And no, we are not talking about buying eco-friendly stuff and protesting against global warming. We are talking about violence and unorthodox, crazy stuff. And this is EXACTLY what I liked about the game.

(White Sleep) - Ali Plays a Lot

Exciting, fun and nicely dark.

(The Pendulum of the Dead) - Fastaval participant

A new and exciting angle on the whole escape room genre in which the puzzles feel pertinent and connect wonderfully with the story.

(The Pendulum of the Dead) - Jesper Jühne, braetspiller.dk